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We are a Non-Goverment Based Service Authorized
by the U.S. Passport Agency to Expedite Passports
Nationwide Passport & Visa Service - The Fastest & Most Affordable Expediting Available

Passport Name Change

A Passport Name Change is only for United States citizens that currently have a valid passport issued within one year and had his/her name recently changed. Please note, if your passport was issued more than one year ago then you need to select the Passport Renewal process instead. You will be able to change your name during the renewal process. If your passport was issued within one year then proceed below.

Fast Passport Center is a certified expeditor and submits passport applications directly to the U.S. Passport Agency. We are not the Department of State. We charge an additional fee to expedite your passport under the agencys hand carry expediting process within 1-20 business days. Each of our processing times are guaranteed from the time your documents are received and submitted with the passport agency. Please select a processing time below that best suits your needs. Once you place your order, you will be assigned a personal agent and sent a pre-addressed FedEx label to send us your passport photo as well as other required passport documents.

Passport Information
Contact Information
Travel Information
If you do not know your departure date then please use an approximate departure date.
Additional Services
Only $29Leave home feeling confident that your documents can quickly and easily be replaced wth one quick phone call to one of our staff. Learn more
Fast Passport Center will replace your passport if it has been lost, stolen, or damaged.
Insurance coverage does not include replacement of expired passports, name changes, or valid travel visas. The time frame in which you will receive your replacement passport will be the similar to the service you have purchased. To make a claim, please call 877-292-5505, one of our passport specialist will assist you in obtaining your new passport.
Note: If you are traveling abroad, We provide you with specific instructions as well as important numbers so you can speak directly with someone who can help you. U.S. Embassies and Consulates are a phone call away, and with the Plan you are assured free transmission of all the forms and applications you need. This necessity for any international traveler lasts for the lifetime of your passport so it is always there when you need it most.
Only $35The US Passport card is an official form of documentation that can be used for land or sea entry into the United States Learn more
The new wallet-size U.S. Passport Card is a travel document that can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. Note that it cannot be used for international air travel. The passport card is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book.
Click to signify you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions

I hereby authorize Fast Passport Center to expedite and submit my passport application to the U.S. Passport Agency and to accept delivery of the passport for me, on my behalf. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579), no information may be released from U.S. Government files without the prior written consent of the individual in question. Consequently, an employee of the U.S. Department of State cannot discuss the details of your passport application with the courier without your permission. I agree to allowing this condition by signing the Letter of Authorization given to me by Fast Passport Center.

Please note that you acknowledging the terms and conditions herein signifies that you understand the following: Fast Passport Center is acting as your limited passport agent for the limited purpose of submitting and facilitating your application through a passport courier; "Fast Passport Center " cannot and will not accept responsibility for delays in or loss of any document(s) by any party not directly under their control, including, but not limited to, Travel Agents, Consulates, Embassies, Passport Offices, or any other Entities or any delivery-service involved in handling passport documents.

You also understand that you are directly paying an additional fee to Fast Passport Center and that government fees are still to be paid by you to the U.S. Department of State, which is their fee for issuing a passport to you. We help you throughout the procuring passport process in it's entirety by helping you submit & retrieve your passport as your authorized passport courier, in a time period you have selected. Fast Passport Center does not issue or claim to issue your passport or any other travel documents.

With this expedited service a travel itinerary is required to be submitted as part of the process. If a travel itinerary can not be provided, then you promise to provide a letter from a business or hotel stating that you are traveling soon for The Department of State to accept for an expedited service.

You acknowledge that Fast Passport Center is not responsible for any delays or errors caused by mail couriers such as FedEx or any other commercial carrier. We are also not responsible for any delays resulting from errors or omissions in information provided to us by you the Passport applicant. You, as Applicant, are responsible to complete of all materials on a U.S Passport application correctly.

Fast Passport Center does not control the decisions made by Department of State regarding denial or approval of any passport. The content and/or completeness of your applications and statements therein that you submit may affect the decision to either approve or deny your U.S. Passport. You are responsible for the complete and accurate application of the information submitted to the Department of State for procurement of any passport.

Fast Passport Center is servicing you in a procurement of a U.S. Passport, but we still have no control over any official requirement that an issuing authority may require. Requirements for procurement of a passport can and will often change from time to time. Fast Passport Center will not be held responsible for changes in U.S. Department of State or Foreign Government requirements, whether mandatory or subjective. Fast Passport Center will attempt to notify you of any such changes as they become available.

Fast Passport Center reserves the right to refuse any service to any customer for any reason that may cause damage, or if inaccurate information that leads to a law being broken, either local, state, or federal. The maximum liability of our Refusal of service is limited to the amount of fee paid to and collected by us from you under all circumstances, without limitation.

Fast Passport Center, its owners, couriers and affiliates do not and cannot provide any guaranties implied. Liability is limited to fees paid. If required documentation, whether standard or supporting, is not received by our couriers with-in the specified time period given to you by your passport specialist, additional charges may be asked of you in order for us to provide you a service by the departure date listed by you in your online order form.

Even with additional fees or charges that may be accrued by you and charged to you in such an event, we still cannot guarantee that your passport request can be complete in the needed time of your departure. Required documentation is solely the responsibility of the person(s) submitting a passport application.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of Fast Passport Center, you have agreed to purchase the service stated, therefore, when your application is accepted, refunds are not possible for any reason, (ie. Flight Cancellations, Missing Flights, Flight Delays, Travel Itinerary Changes, etc...)

Cancellation Policy:

If you agree to the terms of service the below holds true.

Our system will not allow an order to be processed without you accepting the terms of service.

* (For Standard Service, Rush Service and Priority Service Only!)
- If you cancel within 24 hours of placing your order, you may request a refund of your purchase subject to the $25.00 processing fee which is non-refundable.
- You are held liable for the full amount of your expediting fee if you wish to cancel after 24 business hours of placing your order, which is non-refundable.
- If you would like cancel once your passport application has been reserved with one of our couriers, you will be held responsible for the full amount of your expediting fee. At such time contents will be shipped back to the client at his or hers shipping expense, received from the original order. All documents and government checks will be returned.

* (For Same Day Service, 24 Hour Service and Next Day Service Only!)
- If you cancel within 24 hours of placing your order, you may request a refund of your purchase subject to the $50.00 processing fee which is non-refundable.
- You are held liable for the full amount of your expediting fee if you wish cancel after 24 hours of placing your order, which is non-refundable. Provided a reservation with a courier has not been made.
- If you cancel once your passport application has been reserved with one of our couriers, you will be held responsible for the full amount of your expediting fee. At such time contents will be shipped back to the client at his or hers shipping expense received from the original order. All documents and government checks will be returned.

* (For All Service Requests)
- Please note our office hours for times and days of operation. Cancellations by email are not accepted as we need to verify the person(s) canceling the order, is indeed in fact, the person(s) that made the order. All orders received by our online system are date and time stamped from when they were received.
- Cancellation terms and policies hold true to every person choosing to expedite their passport with Fast Passport Center and will be strictly enforced.
- Orders that are cancelled will take up to 21 business days to refund back to the card used. Refunds will not be paid in the form of cash, check, or anything else other than the card the order was placed on. Service levels (speed of service) can be downgraded or canceled within the first 24 business hours once an order has been placed. After 24 hours, orders can not be downgraded or canceled for any reason. Any cancellation of an order after 24 business hours will be charged the full amount of its current level of service. Any level upgrades after 24 business hours from which the original order was placed are non-refundable.
- For all disputes or questions about cancellation charges, please call

We guarantee that service and delivery of your passport within the time frame select unless you don't meet the condition listed in this agreement. In any case, you agree that by accepting the terms and conditions you will accept that our maximum liability to any customer is the amount of fee paid to and collected by Fast Passport Center, and under all circumstances from you or parties represented without limitation. We do not guarantee or imply other than what is stated in these Terms and Conditions. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind. Please note that Saturday deliveries are subject to additional charge of $15 and is only arranged with your verbal approval.

In such a case that litigation arises between you and Fast Passport Center, Fast Passport Center reserves the right to hold a hearing in courts within the State of Florida and Palm Beach County.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to the above without dispute. Any and all orders must accept all the terms and conditions list above in order to use Fast Passport Center in procuring a U.S. Passport.